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Post by Tom Norris on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:13 pm

Welcome to Army City!

Chief of Police:
City Council Members:

Before you can begin living, you must read and follow these laws
Otherwise, expect the Police Force to be knocking at your door.

~ No Excessive Swearing: This is a very important rule in the forums. This doesn't include the "Hell" or "Crap" word. I want this forum to be PG so don't swear or an infraction or a ban will ruin you!

~ No Excessive Inappropriate Content: Do not post stuff with drug, sexual or any other inappropriate content. In these forums, we also have guests who are 9 or less. If you break this rule, you will be automatically banned, NO EXCEPTIONS.

~ No Spamming: Do not spam or flood on these forums, please. Do not act immature, please! *An easy way to remember what SPAM is:

~ Think before posting: If you are posting something in the forums, it may be hurtful for some poster or it's something inappropriate. Knowing this rule is the key to not break the rules.

~ Make sure your text is visible: Don't use bright colors because it is very difficult to read.

~ No Hacking Discussion: This is something I will tell ONCE and only ONCE. If you only want to share your hack programs with us, GET OUT HERE.

~ Do not Advertise: Don't make threads about your website, forum or hack site. We already have the website section in your profile and the siggeh (signature).

~ Do not be rude with other forumers: Be nice with every poster in the forum, specially new posters. Being rude with other people will cause flame wars and of course, you will receive an infraction. BE MATURE.

~ Do not post for banned users: They are banned for breaking the rules and you will get in trouble if you post for them.

~ Your allowed to bump (post in old threads) old threads, just make sure your post actually pertains to the thread.

~ Post in the right forums: Post stuff in the right forums. Your post will be moved to the right forum and you will have a warning of me or from a moderator.

~Also, we are allowing you guys to PM, I swear, if I get a single report of a nasty/hateful/etc. PM, I am taking the whole PMing system down.

Users caught breaking one of these rules will receive a warning, infraction, ban or permanent ban depending of the offense.

Remember to report people to a moderator if they are breaking the rules!
Tom Norris
Tom Norris

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